Squirrel woes : how to get rid of squirrels

SQUIRRELSMany of us have looked fascinatedly at a squirrel prancing in our backyard or our garden. The cutest cousins of rats, squirrels have found a soft spot in many hearts. The adorable gnawing with their buck teeth, the busy furry tails, the small but incredibly sharp eyes and ears has inspired many roles in fairy tales and folklore.

It’s ironic then, how something so charming can become a menace to our homes. They say, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. In the case of the squirrel, people often discount the fact that there is after all, a rodent hiding behind that endearing mask. That is why it is important to know how to get rid of squirrels when they start creating a hazard in our backyards and gardens.

When do you know it’s time to learn how to get rid of squirrels?

A Squirrel Carnival in your backyard!

  • Have you noticed that the number of squirrels in your garden or backyard have suddenly increased? Chances are that these rodents are going to gang up against you! There is perhaps a mother squirrel that has recently delivered babies and it could be that your house is their house to!


A Riot in your Vegetable Garden!

  • Are your precious vegetables being tortured ? Have you noticed your vegetable bulbs scattered around? It probably could mean that squirrels are sharing your food. Keep a look out for burrows in your lawn where they hide their food. It’s better to understand and be prepared on how to get rid of squirrels than to suffer damages on your property.

Starving Birds and Fat Squirrels

  • Does your pretty little bird feeder have uninvited guests? If your bird feed is being devoured by squirrels rather than birds, you have a problem at hand.


The Electric Squirrel

  • Squirrels can be dangerous around electric wires and poles. They can cause severe damage to transformers and be the cause of unwanted blackouts in your neighbourhood. If you notice squirrels prancing on an electric wire, it might be time to take care of them!


Squirrels can be quite mischievous when it comes to catching them. They are fast and agile ; they have the ability to hop from tree to tree in a matter of seconds!

Listed below are a few simple tips on how to get rid of squirrels –


  1. Clear out any squirrel food like nuts, peanut butter etc from your backyard. Its also advisable to have closed trash cans to prevent squirrels from entering them
  2. Cover any holes that can be identified as squirrel holes. If the squirrel is in the house, let one hole be open so that it can escape
  3. You can try setting traps and cages in possible squirrel infested areas. Some specialized repellents can also be used
  4. Cut the branches of trees that have come too close to your house.These are open invitations for squirrels!
  5. Squirrels hate baths! Motion-activated sprinklers will come on when squirrels squat in your garden.They can prove to be quite an easy solution to how to get rid of squirrels!
  6. Do you like Cats? Good! Because they scare away squirrels. And they make better pets than squirrels.

There are many answers as to how to get rid of squirrels. Sometimes, the remedy is a good mix of many precautions taken together.