Stress Busters!

Stress Busters!Stress? Something everybody of us is under nowadays. So, rather than let stress rule our life, follow the below mentioned methods to bust stress!

Method 1: Yoga

Yoga has long been publisiced as the greatest stressbuster ever. From the time of our ancestors to us , yoga is still the premium choice of people to manage stress.

Method 2: Eat Chocolate

Eating chocolate has been shown to relieve us from stress. Cocoa increases your body’s levels of neurochemicals helping you relax.

Method 3: Learn to say NO

Many people in workplaces suffer from the habit of saying YES to every task their colleague or boss asks them to carry out. While it is smart and advisable to not say NO to your boss but an occasional NO to your peers and family members will allow you to have a less workload and manage stress way better.

Method 4: Charity

Studies have shown that people who indulge in charity work lead a more stress free life than those who don’t. The act of giving is also in line with the theory of Karma.

Method 5: Make Love

Love making on a regular basis releases hormones that makes you feel good about yourself and hence, help you manage the stress better and in a more efficient way.

Method 6: Splurge

Go and shop. Buying things that you have desired for long will give you much needed happiness and you will be in an amiable state of mind. Your new purchases will also distract your mind from the stress you obtain leading to better stress management.

Method 7: Vacation

Plan a vacation. Road trip, beach, hills or anywhere else, but take at least two long vacations a year and have fun. Switch off the phone and the office laptop when on vacation and completely leave the office behind.

Method 8: Sports

If you are interested in sports, start following it. Go to a bar, watch your favourite team’s matches live, with your friends and have fun. If time allows, start playing the sport with your friends and make bets off it. This will take your mind off the stress intensive work you do all day long.

Method 9: Music

Listen to soothing music that calms your body down. This method allows the mind to introspect its actions and make use of the time at hand better leading to hassle free and stress free work and life.

Method 10: Redecorate your workplace

When I say redecorate, I don’t mean you start painting your office wall the colour of a rainbow. By redecorating, I mean change little things about your workplace, like for example the photo frame, pen stand, and add some accessory to it. So that whenever you look at it, you don’t think of it as boring, redundant and dull.

Method 11: Ask for Help

Whenever in need ask for help. Don’t be afraid, what’s the most that can happen? The person or friend you asked for help, won’t help you! Good, now you too can refuse them without any sense of guilt!

Even after you follow all of the above methods, you will still be plagued by stress. The best way to manage stress is identify the source, mange your time properly and be honest to your work ethics.