The Nitty-gritty of Gnats

GnatsGnats are cause of tremendous irritation in household. These little flies spoil foods, house plants and the flapping inside a residence is definitely never welcome. Gnats generally feed on plants, mainly fungal gnats threat mushrooms, conservatory and potted plants. These insects grow in grimy and damp area. Some of the gnats are even carnivorous. Black fly, Gnat bug, mosquito, sand fly are various types of gnats.

Swarm of gnats is a very common problem, that’s why solution are also several. First steps to be taken are very simple. Food attracts bugs and flies. Foods are to be kept well-covered. Wastes are to be dumped in lidded trashcans. Kitchen, dining tables should be kept clean and tidy in order to avoid any kind of infestation.

There are some basic methods which are easy to design and require nominal resource and skill. A simple homemade gnat trap works fine. A medium size container filled with normal vinegar, apple cider vinegar or lemon scented dish wash, tightly capped with a perforated lid. Since gnats are highly attracted to the essence of lemon or apple it will easily fly into the jar, get trapped in the sticky substance and won’t be able to fly out. This way the gnat inside the household can be eliminated easily and substantially.

Other than that, vegetable oils can also be poured on possible places. Use of ammonia also helps but it is harmful for humans thus, better avoided. Disposables put in a well covered area; checking dampness inside or around houses or any other likely places.; spraying commercial insect repelling liquids available in markets, in places like public disposals, drains, kitchen sinks etc where gnats are supposed to multiply or lay eggs; protection of the vesseled plants – are some good avoidance. When the gnats have laid eggs on the damp soil of houseplants, over-watering or even further watering should be completely avoided. Plants can survive without external watering for several days as they extract it from under the outer crust of soil through roots, but gnat larva will dry-out as the soil gets waterless from the top.

Gnats come from ponds, lakes – mainly water-dense areas. Houses around reservoirs call for an enhanced safeguard. In these cases, where there are chances of rampant swarming of gnats, local pest control agencies should be consulted. For obvious reasons home-grown measures won’t be able to take effect on so many insects as an expert action can. Also, it is prescribed to have sufficient and regular means to control insects in an orangery. Pests menace these places the most.

Gnats even bite humans. Mosquitoes and likes are forms of gnats. Commercial remedies are available for such dangers as well. These insects carry types of perilous diseases which are transmitted to human through their stings, which are to be protected against. Various medically recognized repelling lotions and creams are available to cut insect bite. Once these creams are applied on uncovered areas of body, insects can’t come close to the skin and thus, there is no chance of biting. Sprays, repellents are abundant in markets and these are being improvised day-by-day to suit human health.