The undesired cousins of butterflies: how to get rid of moths

MOTHSIsn’t it ironic that a family member of something so beautiful can become such a nuisance in our homes?  If you are reading up on how to get rid of moths, chances are that your home is already infested by them. Moths are relatively harmless-looking but can cause a lot of damage to almost everything in your home; from your clothes to your grains and flours. And boy if they lay eggs! Moth eggs are easy to miss out. When they are in the caterpillar stage, they cause much more damage than when they sprout into brown winged pests.

The truth is, even though we treat moths as pests and want to learn everything about how to get rid of moths, they are considered to be ecologically important. Moths are right at the base of the food chain, they serve as food to many creatures like bats and the caterpillars are fed by birds to their young as food. They are quite amazing creatures themselves. They use the art of mimicking for survival and also have a very sharp sense for locating their mates.If you have ever wondered why moths are attracted to light, it is probably because they use it to align themselves and navigate.

Having said that, moths may become a pain for homeowners. Moth infestations are known to happen  during summers and spring. You are likely to find your woollens blankets and expensive silk coats with holes from which moths have fed. They also leave a stringy web in your food grains and flour containers, making them unusable.

The big question is: How to get rid of moths?

  1. Mothballs are probably called that for a reason! They are known to be an effective cure to keep moths at bay. However, the counter argument towards using moth balls is that their fumes can be a health hazard to humans as well. If you are to use them, make sure that you place them in pouches and not as it is in your closet.
  2. If you find moths in your closet, ask yourself how long back have you last cleared it out? Sort it out! Keep the clothes that you don’t use too much in a plastic container where it is difficult for moths to enter. Make sure that all your clothes have seen some sunlight during the year. Damp and moist places are heaven for moths! Remember, one infested item is enough.
  3. Some people believe that blocks of cedar placed strategically in your kitchen and closets can discourage moths
  4. You can also try putting packets of dried bay leaves in your food storage containers
  5. If you notice moth eggs on your clothes, on sure solution of getting rid of them is to freeze them to death! Sounds drastic? Well, it is!
  6. Mouse traps can also be used as moth traps. Pheromone traps are also extremely effective in catching moths.
  7. If you don’t want to bother too much with home remedies in finding out how to get rid of moths, just call the exterminator!

In your efforts towards getting rid of moths, you have to think fast and act fast. If you can’t get all the eggs in time, they might sprout into caterpillars that can be more harmful than moths themselves. Now that you know how to get rid of moths,get to it!