Trouble getting rid of a Hangover ?

Trouble getting rid of a HangoverHas it ever occurred to you that you have partied real hard and are now facing the ramifications of what you did last night. The next day is gloomy and renders you indolent and ineffecient ? Well then what you are going through can be safely classified as a ‘typical hangover’.  In this article we will get to you a few measures that will help you in getting rid of a hangover.

First and foremost thing is that before going to the party or before getting heavily drunk it is very important that the person drinks plenty of water. This helps in keeping the senses awake also more importantly it dilutes the alcohol so that it doesn’t have the drastic effect on the person drinking it. This helps in keeping the body hydrated too.  As far as the consumption of this water is concerned, it is best advised to have some water between the alcoholic drinks as this dilutes the alcohol properly and in the required manner.

Another important thing that can be done to have a less intense hangover is that before taking the drinks a lot of fat food is to be consumed. Fats are much better than carbohydrates in delaying the process of the alcohol absorption in our body. Thus a lot of junk food or any other food that is high in fat (like pizza, burgers etc) content proves to be very useful.  Using painkillers for getting rid of a hangover is not a wise choice because at the most the effect of painkillers lasts up to 5 hours and if you sleep after getting drunk and taking a pain killer, by the time you wake up the effect of the pain killer is ended and this is exactly when the hang over starts.  Drinking a lot of water and other replenishing sports drinks is extremely beneficial as it cancels out the dehydration effect and keeps the body well hydrated.

Drinking of any beverage that contains caffeine in it is not advisable at any cost as they will only enhance the dehydration level and end up making the hangover intense.  Eating burnt food is of use as the carbon that is present in the burnt part is helpful in the filtration of the impurities and thus reduces the level of hangover.  Alcohol triggers a fall in the blood sugar level and this is the main cause of fatigue that is felt during hangover. As a result of this, it is advised that foods that are rich in glucose level are to be consumed like bread, chocolate, etc. Upon drinking alcohol and urinating, the potassium in the human’s body is drained out hence it is advised that foods that are rich in potassium content are to be consumed so that the potassium level is restored. Orange juice, bananas, chips etc are ideal for this case. Fructose burns alcohol at a quicker rate hence it is advised to consume foods that are high in fructose content to get rid of a hangover.