Wrinkles and Remedies

WrinklesWrinkles are of greatest concern mostly among today’s women and men to a much lesser extent. Such, because men have a tougher skin whereas soft female skins are prone to getting wrinkled, creased, spotted and blemished easily. Excessive stress – emotional and physical, changing climate, glaring sun, evermore UV radiation and pollution lead to skin deterioration. Too much exposure to these agents, especially in cities, causes wrinkling of skin at an age much earlier than usual.  Considering these hazards of metropolitan life remedies and preventions are to be adopted well beforehand.

Key to a good health for good skin

As wrinkles start showing on face and skins of other parts it becomes difficult to make it disappear or slow down further development. There are cosmetic solutions for these wrinkles but they mere conceal not remove. Also cosmetic products have too many side effects. An instant result may not always be good in long term consequence. Nature is anytime superior to man-made.

Measures should be adopted from an early age. A healthy lifestyle consisting consumption of ample amount of liquids, protein, vegetables always renders the skin vitality.  Some natural herbs and food elements are traditionally known to give remedy to wrinkles. Cardamom, cinnamon, tomato, aloe vera, turmeric, sweet potatoes, Neem (Indian Lilac), bitter gourd, basil etc. are great source of numerous enriching components. Also, clove is a traditional source of antioxidants helps to combat toxins and the gradual detrimental processes that result in cell damage.

Other than these, dairy products like milk, yogurt, clarified butter etc. are also very nourishing for skins. Both consuming and applying are equally beneficial for preventing or reducing aging lines.

The effects we see on our skin are mostly generated by brain and stomach. The solutions for stomach are much easier in terms of availability and effect, than brain. Physical training stimulates the brain a great deal. Thus, exercising regularly works wonders for wrinkles too. Certain amount of exercise is essential for smooth cerebral functioning which not only results in a good skin but an overall wellbeing. Physical exercise for 40 mins – an hour everyday is sure to give a wrinkle free, healthy radiating skin. Regular work-out coupled with consumption of green tea reverses ageing effects.

Taking care of the outside

Washing, exfoliating, scrubbing and moisturizing are some routine steps necessary to prevent skin ageing. Keeping the skin moisturized from outside is equally necessary as keeping it hydrated from inside. Cleaning skin thoroughly followed up by moisturizing after every exposure to dust, smoke and sun is indispensable. Moisturization is the key to preventing wrinkles.

Nevertheless, only applying some beauty packs or eating healthy is not enough for a supple, wrinkle free skin. Mental happiness prevents skin deterioration to a great extent. All these won’t take effect if the mind is not happy. Positivity and bliss should be garnered from inside as well as everything one comes across. Exercising invigorates mind and body which leads to contentment. Wrinkles may come at an early age primarily because of mental stress, dissatisfaction, anxiety etc. Once the soul is free from crumpling the skin will follow the suit.